Our Club

The Springdale Figure Skating Club was created to:

  • Introduce and promote the sport of figure skating to skaters of all ages and ability levels.
  • Create a safe, fun, and productive skating environment for all.
  • Hold test sessions, competitions, exhibitions and carnivals under USFSA guidelines.
  • Create an environment where member skaters can develop to their fullest potential.

SFSC Committees and Chairs:

Public Relations and Publicity: Terri Ann Lowenthal

Membership: Eleanor Lowenthal

Newsletter: Anastasia Pryanikova

Sanctions: Eleanor Lowenthal

Hospitality/Social Events: Joy Marshall, Leslie Goudie, Christina O’Donnell

Tests:  Wendy Eason

Parent Liaison to USFS: Lori Martello

Community Service and Caring: JoAnne Cohen, Catherine Hu

Synchronized Skating: Masako Sparks, Joy Marshall

SafeSport: Marina Spagnuolo, Margaret Amodio

Certificates: Masako Sparks

Website: Alice Liour

Alumni: Jeanne Finlay

Ice Show: Leslie Goudie, Gosia Staron, David Armetta, Christina O’Donnell

Social Media: Lori Martello

Junior Board: Alice Liour, Christine Kao, Olivia Marshall, Nikka Staron,
Cordelia Chen

Interclub Calls: David Zoota